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At the Lancaster-based law firm of Andrew Russ Law, LLC, we work to protect your rights as a father. Call (614) 388-9190 for a free case evaluation.


I represent fathers in divorce, dissolution, custody, visitation, and support obligation proceedings. We fight to ensure that clients throughout Lancaster, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio Franklin, Licking, and Fairfield Counties receive  the parenting time they want and deserve, and that you do not become overburdened with unreasonable domestic orders. 

If you are a divorcing or divorced father, it is likely that you will have support obligations. If you are an unmarried father, there are several things you need to know. Under Ohio law as soon as a woman puts your name on her baby’s birth certificate, you can be held liable for child support without even having the right to see your child. In order to enforce your rights as a father to parenting or visitation with your child, you must establish your paternal rights in court. Because I, Andrew E. Russ, Esq., work primarily with men and fathers, I approach every case from the man’s point of view. My law firm understands the unique issues men face in divorce, child custody and support proceedings. I know how men need to navigate the family law system in order to protect their rights as dads.

When you hire me, you are hiring an attorney with more than eighteen years  of legal experience. I will not hand your case off to a younger, less experienced attorney. Instead, you get Andrew E. Russ, Esq., an attorney who has spent the majority of my career helping dads throughout Lancaster, Ohio as well as Franklin, Licking, and Fairfield Counties protect their legal rights as fathers. My law firm has successfully helped men throughout Central Ohio establish their paternal rights, dispute paternity, and obtain fair terms in divorce, dissolution of marriage, child support, and child custody proceedings.

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